# Mahamaya temple worship Maya Tungri Kankebar being almost 200 years. 200 years is expected to be so because the name of the Goddess Mahamaya posting Tungri name is recorded in the survey. Mahamaya Devi hill in the former, which was paid on top of a huge Gulaichi approximately fifty square feet spread hemisphere. Module under the same tree-like object was installed. In the surrounding countryside once in a year ago worshiped. In special circumstances when the natural disaster was the ritual of worship. Such as (1) time to put rice in rain water was not coming worship. (2) the epidemic or the pitcher having a bad crop water retention Maheelaa new clothes were laid. This practice has been going on even today. We Mahamaya Devi Maya ancestors of people called him by the name of Sister Khoichha or Maya. Father used to tell people that the Maya Mountains Lugu sister and a sister who both Rivokaro district has to tell. 50 correctly fitted down-east of the temple of Bhole Nath is a small cave whose mouth and down towards the mouth of Sister Lugu Dchin direction.

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Above all information regarding Maha Maya Mandir and it's description has been taken from "Villagers and Mandir Member"

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