Maha Maya Mandir
(Dainik Pooja/Archana Scheme)

This is Every day Pooja Scheme. This scheme Pooja every day in the name of Devotee for 20 years on the date fixed by him even if he is not able to attend personally.

In the pooja is done in the name of the member in which all pooja ingredients are arranged from the Temple. If present, the Devotee and his family is provided Bhog Prasadams.

  1. Donations under this scheme are exempt from income- tax u/s 80G of I.T. Act 1961.
  2. Trust has all the rights reserved to make necessary amendments in the scheme if needed.
  3. Donation Cheques/DD's be prepared in the name of "Maha Maya Mandir,Mayatungri" and sent to:

    Account No:- 3083774771
    MMMT Samete,Central Bank, Ramgarh

Policies & Condition

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Mahamaya Mandir, Maya Tungari, Kankebar, Ramgarh 001

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